Jasco Engineering and Sales, Inc.

Jasco Engineering and Sales

​Our firm has decades of experience providing assembly and verification technologies to our customers throughout the diverse Midwestern economies of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Jasco directly offers products that supplement the technologies of the companies we represent.

 ​ASG Precision Fastening

Products and solutions for precision assembly featuring the industry leading X-PAQ controller, electric screwdrivers and nutrunners, and more.

​Automated Machine Systems

Custom assembly solutions with a niche focus on plastic joining, precision fastening, and verification (air leak test, function testing) applications. AMS is our strategic partner to bring turnkey leak test solutions to our customers with all assembly, run-off, and support located close in Cincinnati, OH.

Branson Plastic Joining

Worldwide leader and pioneer of plastic joining technologies including ultrasonic, vibration, spin, hot plate, IR, and laser welding. Jasco maintains a well equipped plastic joining development laboratory to support customers before and during production. 


Jasco represents products used in the automotive, medical device, appliance, business and consumer electronics, and custom molder, and other industries.

Manufacturers' Representatives of Assembly Technologies