Manufacturers' Representatives of Assembly Technologies

Jasco Engineering and Sales, Inc.

X-PAQ Precision Fastening Systems

  • Precise, accurate transducerized DC electric torque and angle controlled fastening
  • 32 tasks for multiple assembly set-ups
  • 8 available torque or angle control parameters within each task
  • Data collection and run down graphing/export
  • Programmable I/O for process control
  • Available network interface for advanced data export and interfacing with plant controls

ASG products and solutions meet the needs of manufacturers requiring tight tolerances and high levels of error-proofing and traceability. ASG's line of transducerized DC electric torque control screwdrivers and nutrunners work with X-PAQ controllers for applications covering a torque range from 1 to 309.8 (0.1 to 35 N.m) across the full range of products.