Branson continues to innovate, lead the industry, and provide solutions with its next generation of vibration welders that deliver unprecedented welding performance:

  • Servo drive with fewer parts and no hydraulic oil offers state-of-the-art speed and accuracy, more energy-efficient operation, plus reduced maintenance and downtime
  • Lightning-fast cycle time to support high-speed, automated applications
  • Smaller footprint yet larger lift table than traditional vibration welders
  • User-friendly human machine interface for intuitive navigation
  • Enhanced and integrated safety system provides simultaneous front door and lift table movement 
  • Lower noise levels, 77dB(A), an approximate 50% improvement from traditional vibratoin welder models.

GVX Vibration Welders

Simultaneous, precise laser welding for parts demanding particulate-free and aesthetically clean weld joints. Branson contoured laser technology employs an exclusive and patented simultaneous illumination process that equates to short cycle time, uniform and simultaneous melt collapse, and low localized power density.

  • Successfully welds traditionally challenging semi-crystaline materials.
  • For applications with internal components, Branson's technology allows for components to be placed in the same position and orientation as the final, assembled position demands.
  • Versatile for small applications, such as printer ink cartridges, or larger applications, such as automotive instrument clusters and lighting assemblies with complex weld areas.

Contoured Laser

The 2000Xc ultrasonic welding system combines precise and consistent high quality welds, face cycle times, and the process control needs of today's manufacturing environment. The 2000Xc locks in the welding process with fully electronic welder settings, hierarchical password protection, and Ethernet connectivity access. The Branson 2000Xc can be adapted to automation systems or as a stand-alone complete system.

  • Electronic progammable weld pressure, hold pressure, and down speed
  • ISO 1385 and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 capability
  • USB barcode for recording part Unique Device Identification or recalling presets
  • Weld pressure stepping, Rapid traverse feature, and Actuator dual down speeds
  • Web Services Ethernet

Ultrasonic Welding

In addition to Jasco's applications laboratory in Cincinnati , OH and Branson's worldwide headquarters and laboratory in Danbury, CT, Branson also has well equipped and staffed applications labs throughout the world. The nearest Branson labs in the midwest include: Chicago (IL), Detroit (MI), Rochester (NY), and Atlanta (GA).

Proper plastic part and joint design is critical to the success of any plastic joining application. Branson takes a process neutral approach to every application and considers all joining technologies. A complimentary, detailed application feasibility report is prepared for the customer's reliance. The report includes part design analysis, 3D model review, and detailed joint design recommendations and dimensions.

Branson Ultrasonics is a worldwide, industry leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of plastics joining, precision cleaning, ultrasonic processing, and ultrasonic metal welding equipment. Jasco has represented Branson since 1994. Jasco has received Branson's Representative of the Year Award (Americas) three times.


Application Review


Manufacturers' Representatives of Assembly Technologies

Spin Welding

Thermal Staking and Processing

Thermal staking is an assembly method that uses the controlled melting and reforming of a plastic stud or boss to capture or lock another plastic or metal component of an assembly in place. Thermal processing technology can be used for brass insertion applications, mesh membrane embedding, and other unique applications. Branson thermal systems include industry leading features such as ramp/soak temperature controllers, monitoring alarms, post cooling, and adjustable hydraulic rate control for end of travel. Additional temperature zones, rotary table, shuttles, light curtain, and other optional features can be added. 

Branson's precision servo-driven spin welding system is capable of welding circular joint interface parts with accurate control and consistent results. A 6" color touchscreen provides an intuitive operator interface.

  • Counterclockwise or clockwise spin direction
  • Servo motor accuracy of +/- 0.1 degree for applications requiring final orientation
  • Three modes of operation: Revolutions; Collapse; and Absolute Position.

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