AMS clip installation machines include standard features that ensure repeatable results, ergonomic operation, and poka-yoke features.

  • Magnetic clip installation heads with presence sensors
  • Individually adjustable clip installation heads
  • Plastic part positioning features that provide repeatable clip tower location

Clip Installation

A leak test station is a sophisticated cell that relies on accurate part fixturing, proper and durable sealing solutions, and poka-yoke benefits for accurate testing of assembled parts. Selecting the leak test instrument is just the beginning. AMS possesses the know-how to leak test your application in a reliable and safe manner. 

Leak Testing

AMS features a standard line of multi-spindle installation stations. Custom operator assist stations provide poka-yoke features and ensure reliable production.

Precision Fastening

Robotic spot welding, multi-head sequencing, scan welding, and more. AMS has the application experience and know-how to successfully integrate your plastic joining technology. 

Plastic Joining Solutions

Automated Machine Systems, Inc. (AMS) provides specialty automation equipment for plastic joining, precision fastening, leak testing, and clip installation applications. AMS is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and serves clients throughout the country in the automotive, medical, consumer, and appliance industries.

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