Jasco Engineering and Sales, Inc.

Proudly Representing

Our Mission

At Jasco, it is our mission to attract and retain key customers and principals by continuously improving our skills, systems, and relationships.  We strive to provide maximum value in the distribution channel, while making proactive efforts to build our customer base and open new markets.

Reliable Experience

30+ years of combined experience solving assembly and verification challenges. We specialize only in plastic welding, precision screw driving, and air leak testing. 

Where You Are

Our sales representatives are in your facility regularly to provide help and support. We serve customers in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

Value Delivered

We represent the best equipment in the industry. Just as important, we focus heavily on user training with services including upfront application reviews, on-site training, and regular seminars.

Manufacturers' Representatives of Assembly Technologies

  • Branson - Plastic Joining Technologies
  • Zaxis - Air Leak Testing
  • ASG - Precision Screw Driving
  • Automated Machine Systems - Assembly Solutions