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Branson GLX-3: Large Part Format Laser Welder

GLX-3 laser welders perform clean, highs-speed welding of large plastic parts with complex geometries. The key feature is simultaneous through-transmission infrared technology, which  heats, melts, and joins a 2-meter-long weld line of two or more parts within 0.5 to 5 seconds. This technology enables precise welding at variable weld widths and weld depths from less than 0.05 to greater than 1 millimeter. The welders feature a servo-driven lift table designed to accommodate single- or multi-cavity tooling with a combined weight up to 500 kilograms.  

Q&A: Laser Welding of Plastics

by John Paul "J.P." Kurpiewski (Branson Ultrasonics)

"When light reaches a material, it can be transmitted, reflected or absorbed... In general, plastic welding is a process where heat is generated to melt plastic and form chemical bonds upon re-solidifying. Other welding processes, such as ultrasonic or vibration, generate heat from friction caused when parts impact or are rubbed together. However, laser welding can create heat without contact or harsh forces, thus resulting in a more precise, aesthetically cleaner weld."

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