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Continuous seam welding produces a solid state bond using no consumables, low heat generation (no melting of materials), and no consumables. The technology is ideal for welding similar or dissimilar electrical grade alloys and nonferrous metals of varying thicknesses.

Seam Welding

Wire Splicing

Branson Ultrasonics is a worldwide, industry leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of plastics joining, precision cleaning, ultrasonic processing, and ultrasonic metal welding equipment. Branson Ultrasnoic Metal Welding (formerly organized as AmTech) technologies are used across industries for applications including wire splicing, lithium ion battery assembly, and solar cell assembly.

Ultrasonic Metal Welding Application Laboratory


Branson wire splicers are available in 20 kHz (Ultrasplice 2032S) and 40 kHz (Ultrasplice 40) frequencies. The 2032S is a full-range ultrasonic splicing system capable of splicing from 0.7 to 40 mm2^ cross sectional area. 

  • Automatic parameter changes (Width, Pressure, Amplitude, and Energy)
  • Anti-Side Splice feature to prevent side splicing and provide high quality splices
  • Proportioned air cooling
  • Replaceable tip technology for dramatically lower tool costs and faster change over

The Ultrasplice 40 is ideal splice combinations less than 6mm2^ cross sectional area, or a total of up to four 16 AWG wires. Many of the 2032S' features are available including replaceable tip tooling.

The ultrasonic metal welding applications lab is located in Branson's global headquarters in Danbury, CT. Customers are encouraged to submit potential application queries for evaluation and sample welding. The applications lab is also instrumental in developing the necessary tooling patterns. A complimentary, detailed application feasibility report is prepared for the customer's reliance. The report includes a description of the results, detailed parameters used, and recommendations.

Jasco represents Branson Ultrasonic Metal Welding solutions and products in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Our field sales representatives are experienced with applications in the battery, wire, automotive, solar, and medical industries.

The Branson Ultraweld Linear 20 is a rugged welding system that is easily tooled for a wide range of ultrasonic nonferrous spot welding applications. Available with 4kw power supplies and higher.

  • Precision roller bearing slide for extreme accuracy
  • Polar mounted ultrasonic stack to facilitate efficient transmission of energy
  • Optional vortex cooling
  • Titanium horns with low cost replaceable tips or solid tool steel horns

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